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Target IT Global Solutionsis an IT services company focusing on Enterprise solutions, Software development and various testing services to enterprises worldwide. Our service offerings include Application Management, Projects and on-demand consulting. Since inception, TIGS has focused on a principle to maximize output for its clients and partners through cost-savings, enhancing productivity and quality.
It’s our business to quickly adapt to meet our clients’ diverse needs and we have a proven track record of doing just that. TIGS specializes in the rapid development of bespoke software systems for start-up and fast moving businesses. We work closely with clients to develop business ideas and turn them into working software. Modern businesses recognize the need for continuous improvements rather than large, discrete projects.
TIGSanalyse every organization differently, understands the business processes and offers innovative, but cost effective solutions across many industries. Founded in 2014 and privately held, TIGS is headquartered in the UK with services support presence in India

Our mission is to successfully perform critical IT and business transformation programs that support our clients to achieve their business goals.We run our business with trust, privacy, dedication and image, maintaining customer and client satisfaction forward. We continue to update ourselves in terms of upcoming and the best technologies to develop Solutions for our customers as per their need.We strive to become a global software company. We are passionate in helping businesses through innovative technologies to reach and maximise

At TIGS, we endeavour to be the most employee friendly workplace. The open work environment makes our team members feel comfortable to share their thoughts and experience with peers and management. The organizational culture fosters motivation, enthusiasm and passion.

We devise complex solutions in a stress-free environment and ensure that the journey of the employee’s career in the organization is enjoyable. The liberty to express one’s thoughts and ideas make our work environment extremely innovative.

We respect and welcome new ideas from every employee irrespective of their rank. Mentor, guidance and coaching is our strength towards continuous development of excellence.


Centre of Excellence theCompany’sCentre of Excellence is an in–house program aimed at inculcating an innovative outlook development. Equipped with a vast range of executive development modules, the centre strives to bring perfection with structured, indigenously designed, perfectly delivered and minutely monitored modules.The programs are run by our industry practitioners and subject matter experts who share their knowledge with technology entrants. We also have very humble, polite and caring mentors who help produce sharp, innovative professionals.
TIGS strikes a balance between imparting technical and soft skills trainings. Our powerful “Competency Building Centre” engage employees to boost their skills in emerging technologies and upgrade themselves as per the business needs..

What we do?

Being a “custom” firm, TIGS is able to provide our clients with a variety of services.A few of the services available from TIGS include:

  • System Architecture and Design
  • Development & Application Maintenance Support
  • Project Management
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation and Training Services
  • Resource Augmentation and recruitment Services

Its main objective is to Inspire, Empower, Learn and Perform. As a part of competency building, the intern-ship program helps entry level trainees to stay focused and motivated to learn.The open learning atmosphere make trainees feel at home allowing them to adapt and perform; thus making TIGS a better place to work.

Who we are

TIGS is a custom software services and IT consulting company. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of software development and IT consulting across many industries including utilities, public sector, Manufacturing, Telecom and logistics. Our experienced professionals have worked with a wide array of applications, platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects. Our key service lines include Application Management, Projects and on-demand consulting. Our Global (Global & Local) delivery centres bring significant benefits like cost, quality services, timely delivery and technical expertise that help in keeping clients’ management overheads to the minimum.
We offer Global & Local delivery models to meet clients’ individual needs to improve their ROI and keep business as usual (BAU) besides ensuring that clients systems are technologically future-ready. The company’s delivery framework follows ITIL standards for service management and ASL (Application Services Library) framework for application management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As human beings, we are all accountable in life and to the society that we live in! Corporate Social Responsibility - The social service rendered to the community around ones business or products/ services is widely known as Corporate Social Responsibility and shortly known as CSR.
What's the key to winning over consumers today? Business experts will cite everything from a strong loyalty program to a personalized, mobile-friendly shopping experience. These offerings are certainly important, but one thing that may tip the scales in your favour is using your profits to do good in the world.


We believe in building an organization that provides opportunities to develop skills and for growth. These principles have been our guide through the years – to build teams that are talented, dedicated and highly motivated. Our technical, functional and support teams comprise of young enthusiasts with a zeal for continuous learning and an uncompromising tenacity to deliver quality. We provide comprehensive training program along with other career development programs to help you manage your career objectives and goals. TIGS is a place where you can participate actively in our success, and with that, share in its rewards. Our employees work here because of who we are, what we do, and the progressive direction of our company.

If you are looking for opportunities in ever growing team, please submit your cv to info@tigsgroup.com.

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